Maintaining Mental Health During The Holidays


The holidays can be difficult and stressful. Yes, for some this is fun and exciting but for many others it brings on nothing but stress. So going into this season it is good to start preparing yourself for what is to come. Your mental health definitely needs to be a priority during the holidays. So, what can you do to manage your mental health during this time? Below is a list of tips to manage.

 Put Your Needs First

Always put your mental and physical needs first during the holidays. Do you have certain triggers during the holidays? Understand what those triggers are and find ways to cope or avoid those triggers.


Practice Gratitude

Gratitude lists can be so helpful during the holidays. Take some time and reflect on things you have been grateful for throughout this year.


Manage Your Time, Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Creating a schedule for the holidays can be helpful to manage your time. Allow yourself to have tasks every day that you can do to either meet deadlines or for self-care. Don’t schedule yourself too many tasks and make sure you feel good about it rather than overwhelmed. 


Be Realistic

When going into the holidays, always have realistic expectations. Hoping that everything is going to be perfect for the holidays is unrealistic. We must understand that it is okay if things don’t go exactly as we want and there will be some struggles along the way.


Set Boundaries

Family is definitely complex, and we have to set boundaries. We must accept the role we play within the family and that you can only control you. If you need to limit your time with your family, then do so.


Practice Relaxation

Breathing techniques, grounding, music, mediation, muscle relaxation, and yoga are all ways to practice relaxation. Take some time to refocus and reset.


Exercise Daily

Schedule time to get outside or to the gym and exercise. During the holidays, find things that can bring you joy with exercise. Puppy yoga? Dance class? Exercise can help release dopamine which can help you destress yourself.


Get Enough Sleep

Mental Health symptoms can be triggered due to not getting enough sleep. Try to make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep a night.


Avoid Substances

Substances don’t reduce stress and they tend to worsen it. We think using is going to help us relax and avoid the feelings of the holidays, but it can cause more damage than good. If you are struggling with substance abuse, educate yourself and seek treatment.


Spend Time in Nature

There are a lot of studies out there that say spending time in nature helps to reduce stress. If you need to spend some time away from the family during the holidays, check out a local park or hiking trail.



The act of service can help us mentally feel better especially during the holidays. By helping people who are less fortunate, it can help you to feel less lonely or isolated. It can provide comfort and help you stay connected with others.


Have Support

Whether it is friends, family, a therapist or a support group, have support during the holidays. We know that it can be hard to get through the holidays and having someone you can reach out to if you need to talk and vent. If you are experiencing any crisis symptoms, contact the national suicide hotline - 988 or call 911. Please visit the local emergency room if symptoms become too unmanageable. 


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