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What is Holistic Trauma Therapy?

  So earlier this month we educated you about holistic therapy. Now we want to discuss holistic trauma therapy. Before we dive into holistic trauma therapy, we have to understand what trauma is. Trauma is a mental health condition in which people experience a variety of symptoms following a traumatic event. These symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, avoidance, and changes in mood and thinking. Trauma typically happens due to the experience having an impact on how you cope and function.   There are different types of trauma that can happen throughout one’s life. The different types are as follows: Abuse Assault Car Accident Death of someone close to you Divorce Abandonment Imprisonment Natural Disasters Injuries Rape Serious Illness Violence Witnessing any of the different types of trauma already listed   Some of the symptoms of trauma are as follows: Intrusive Thoughts: thoughts that continuously occur

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