Holiday Self Care


ITS HOLIDAY SELF CARE TIME! It’s the greatest time of the year to feel your best! Holidays can be so overwhelming and feel like we don’t get a break, so we have to prioritize time to take care of ourselves even during the busy times of the holidays!


Make Healthy Choices, Most of the Time

If your mom makes her famous Christmas cutout cookies and you want one, then eat the cookie! Don’t restrict yourself constantly especially during the holidays. A tip to help make healthy choices during the holidays and just to watch your portions. Have one cookie instead of three even though it may be tempting. This makes it easier to stay on that healthy routine when life is back to normal again. Remember too much sugar, salt, and fat can impact your motivation, mood, and energy.


Say No

It's so easy to stretch ourselves thin during the holidays and say yes to everything. We must remind ourselves to be kind to ourselves, manage your time, set time boundaries, and decline anything that is going to bring you stress or drain you.


Pamper Yourself aka TREAT YO SELF

The holidays are a great reason to pamper yourself! Get ya hair did, get ya nails did, get a relaxing massage, take yourself to lunch, or buy yourself a Christmas gift!


Be Intentional

Ask yourself what is the most important thing to you during the holidays? What do you want to do? Who do you want to spend time with? How do you want to feel? Be clear on your priorities during the holidays and stay focused on what matters to you and get the most meaningful experience this holiday.


Make a Budget and Respect It

It is easy to want to do the most for our family and friends during the holidays. Holiday shopping shouldn’t jeopardize your finances. So, to be realistic, set a limit on how much you want to spend all together and then break that down to how much you will spend per person, so you feel good about your purchases.


Ditch the Perfection Mentality

We want the holidays to be a magical time full of fun, memories, and meaningful time. We strive for perfection but then end up disappointed or stressed. Perfection is not realistic. This year strive for an authentic "good enough" holiday! 


Decorate for Comfort

If you are anything like we are at Enlightenment, decorating for the holidays is the best part of the season. There is something about the soft lighting from the tree, cozy pillows, fluffy blankets, and holiday candles that provides such comfort. Find ways that you can provide yourself this comfort and create a space that feels safe and like your sanctuary. 


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